Our Service

At the wdh-energy GmbH

Our clients benefit from our electrical installation services undertaken by our experienced employees who have been completing projects reliably and to deadline for many years.

This includes the following services:

  • Installation of transformers – readyfor operation, naturally; oil filling with oil testing, incl. copper wiring andcable support scaffolding.
  • Installation of switchgear (MV, LVand ICA cabinets), incl. frame construction fabrication
  • Installation of components,distributors and equipment (field instrumentation)
  • Laying of MV, LV and ICA cables,using special cable conveying equipment, own cable routing with cable drawingcards
  • Connection of MV, LV and ICA cablesincluding measurement and logging (EN8001…) [DVX31]
  • Laying of impulse, air and analysislines (6-25 mm) with requisite welding and tests (if necessary)
  • Installation work in the clean room– for pharmaceutical/food production facilities
  • Installation of pipe trace heating
  • Bus cabling (conventional and fibreoptic)
  • Installation of lighting and powersystems
  • Installation of solar systems
  • Installation of heatpumps/ventilation systems/air conditioning systems
  • Supervision of the installation workas well as site management and installation planning

Thanks to our professional and international project experience in a wide range of industries, our clients get to benefit from our comprehensive and integralproject management.

This allows us to advise our customers when planning cable routes and cables, so that add edvalue and first-class quality can be attained from ONE source.

If you wish, we will take up the reins of your project and ensure that it is completed successfully.

We offer the following services to our clients:
  • Project planning
  • Exchange with authorities and the solicitation of official requirements and licenses
  • Managing contracts with clients and subcontractors
  • Calculation of masses and the procurement of material
  • Scheduling personnel
  • Quality management and workplacesafety
  • Controlling and administration
  • Project documentation